Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fern Michaels - About Face

I finished this one off on friday so I am alittle late in posting. I really did enjoy this one. Alittle more on the suspense and kept you guessing. I hate books that you can guess the plot in the first few pages.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jayne Ann Krentz - Flash

Just finished this this evening. Action pack and romance with a touch of mystery. Gotta love it.

Editorial Reviews
Once again, Jayne Ann Krentz brings wit and intelligence to her distinctive, sure-fire recipe for contemporary romantic suspense. Self-made venture capitalist Jasper Sloan is restless for new opportunities when a client's death leaves him with a controlling interest in Glow, Inc. The other 49 percent is owned by sleek, sexy Olivia Chantry, whose sharp mind and shapely body immediately attract Jasper's interest. Before the combative new partners can agree on how to run Glow, they're beset by a more disturbing problem--a blackmailer with access to deeply buried secrets and few qualms about using violence to get what he wants. Olivia's colorful family members, a nosy news hound, and various society types add touches of humor while the protagonists' self-confident, straightforward approach to romance is refreshingly free of angst. As always, Krentz pairs two equally strong people, endowing them with just enough quirks to make them real, and provides plenty of plot twists to keep her story humming. Flash is romantic suspense of a high order. --

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jayne Ann Krentz

Jayne Ann Krentz's All Night Long

I really liked it. It was a fun read and a murder/mystery/romance.

About the book:

Irene Stenson had fled Dunsley, California, after her parents' murder-suicide on a long-ago summer night. Now an urgent e-mail from her high-school best friend has summoned her back.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fern Michaels Lethal Justice - this will be the one I start tonight. I have to wait till the library gets Free Fall in. Can't wait to start this one!

I loved it! There isn't a Fern Michaels book that I haven't. The last one will be sad as its the final in the series. Or is it? hmmmmm... Probabbly. I am still waiting for it from the library.

Fern Michaels Sweet Revenge

Loved it! I am really really enjoying this series!

Book Synopsis

The fifth in the Revenge of the Sisterhood series Isabelle Flanders had everything: her own architectural firm, her fianc? Bobby, a life she deserved. Until Rosemary Hershey came and stole it all. Took her reputation, her clients, her man, and even framed her for drunk driving ? killing three innocent people in the process. The loyal Sisterhood agree: Rosemary has to be punished, along with the conniving Bobby. Isabelle has learned to endure, running, hiking, pushing her body to its limits and working all-out to get her license back. Now it's time to do more than to endure. It's time to hand out some justice.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Jury by Fern Michaels

Well I just finished this one at 11:58 pm. That's 2 1/2 books today! Wow!! I am really enjoying this one! This one is a 5 hankie one. I loved it!

Book Synopsis

The Sisterhood dive in. This time they could be out of their depth. The Sisterhood have decided that the next revenge mission will be Nikki?s. Jack Emery, her former fiance has made it clear that he will do everything he can to stop the women. But Nikki is surprised by this decision because she felt that she was only an advisor to the group. And she still loves Jack. Now she says that she wants to pass on her turn.
Vendetta by Fern Michaels

Another one done! Gotta love these girls in these books. I will be sad when the series if finished!

About the book:

They Can Run, But They Can't Hide From The Sisterhood. Once upon a time there were seven very different women who had been broken but not beaten by life. In those tough days of healing, they became the Sisterhood, a group of devoted friends who vowed to change their lives, empower themselves, and be there for each other, no matter what. Now, they're ready to answer the call for the woman who started it all, Myra Rutledge.

Five years ago, Myra's pregnant daughter was killed by a hit-and-run driver--the playboy son of an ambassador with diplomatic immunity. Myra was left to grieve while the murderer was free to return to his lavish lifestyle with no fear of ever having to pay for his crime. But not for much longer. As the air turns crisp the Virginia hills around Myra's lovely old farmhouse, the Sisterhood has gathered for a little creative planning, and what they have in mind is a gift for Myra of long-awaited and very sweet revenge…
Smart Vs. Pretty by Valerie Frankel

Sucked! Tanked! Couldn't get into it and am not going to read it! Ugh!!
Fern Michaels - Payback I loved it!!!

About the book:

From the outside, it looks like Julia Webster lives a normal, happy existence. A highly successful plastic surgeon, she is married to a senator very much on his way up Capitol Hill, and lives in a lovely house in Georgetown. But appearances can be deceptive, as Julia knows only too well.

On too Vendetta!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Jayne Ann Krentz - Summer In Eclipse Bay

I really enjoyed this one but then I love all Jayne Ann Krentz's. I just looked on my shelf and I HAVE Eclipse Bay (the first novel there). May have to reread it after all of the Fern Michael's I have to read from the library.

Book Synopsis
Summer has arrived in Eclipse Bay and things are definitely heating up between the Hartes and the Madisons. It seems that the mysterious new gallery owner, Octavia Brightwell, is thinking about having a scandalous fling with that rogue Nick Harte before she leaves town. As far as Nick is concerned, a short-term affair sounds perfect. But it isn`t going to be easy ...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lean Mean 13 by Janet Evanovich. I finished this one up last night. I enjoyed it but its getting to be predictable.

From the publisher:

In her rollicking 13th Stephanie Plum adventure. Plucky, bumbling New Jersey bounty hunter Plum is reunited with her two-timing lawyer ex-husband, Dickie Orr, while doing a favor for the mysterious, sexy Ranger. But when Dickie disappears from his house leaving behind only bloodstains and bullet holes, Plum becomes the prime suspect in his alleged murder. Determined to clear her name, Plum and her on-again off-again Trenton cop boyfriend, the irresistible Joe Morelli, uncover Dickie's ties to a shady group of men involved in everything from money laundering to drug running. And when Dickie's jilted business partners decide Stephanie holds the key to the $40 million they believe Dickie stole from them, she's in for a wild ride. With the author's usual cast of eccentric side characters—everything from a taxidermist with a penchant for bombs to a grave-robbing tax man—Evanovich proves once again that Stephanie Plum and her entourage are here to stay.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Texas Reward by Jodi Thomas

I liked this one. It was a historical romance and I haven't read one of these for awhile. I have 5 Fern Michaels and I Janet Evonich to read (#13). hehe

Book Synopsis

Years ago, Texas Ranger Jacob Dalton bailed an orphaned girl named Nell out of trouble more times than he could count. But now the kid he once called "Two Bits" has grown into a beautiful young woman--and is in more trouble than ever before.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Pretty Woman by Fern Michaels

I just finished reading this one. I really liked it as well and all her other books as well.

Book Description

In Fern Michaels's extraordinary, inspiring New York Times bestseller, an overweight woman sets out to improve her life by losing fifty-five pounds -- and ends up changing much more than her dress size!

Rosie Gardener fell under the spell of handsome Kent Bliss, and not even her best friend Vickie could persuade her that her fiancé was a two-timing cad. Now it's her third wedding anniversary, and Rosie, fed up with Kent's mistreatment, realizes her estranged best friend was right. But the day after kicking Kent out and beginning a diet and exercise regime, Rosie experiences another life-changing event: she wins $302 million in the Wonderball lottery. Now with Kent lurking in the shadows to claim a share of her money, Rosie needs her friends more than ever. As she works out under the eye of sexy personal trainer Jack Silver, a stronger new Rosie emerges -- a woman who wants to learn to trust love once again. Can she keep her vow not to be stopped by Kent's bitterness and her own self-doubts and jump into life with a passion she didn't know she possessed?
I just finished reading Weekend Warrior by Fern Michael. Anyone seeing a trend here!hehehe I love her books and now I have to find the rest of the series to see what happens. Guess I am going to the library. I really enjoy it! So different from lher other novels!

Another book done for the month of July.

From Publishers Weekly
Readers beware: this book is not for the faint of heart or for fans of Michaels's more traditional romances (Kentucky Rich, etc.). There is no happily ever after here; indeed, the primary emotion fueling this story is not love, but anger. Anger leads wealthy Myra Rutledge, who lost her daughter to a hit-and-run driver with diplomatic immunity, to found the Sisterhood, a secret vigilante group of women who have been unable to seek justice through lawful means. Assisting Myra in this effort are former MI6 agent Charles Martin and defense attorney Nikki Quinn, who was Myra's daughter's best friend. High on estrogen and hate, the women pinpoint their first target—the Weekend Warriors, a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who brutally raped Kathryn Lucas, one of Nikki's former clients. The women decide on a Lorena Bobbitt–style punishment and carry it out with very few misgivings—so few that readers will have trouble seeing them as sympathetic. With its paper-thin premise and lack of a rational or moral grounding, this overwrought story isn't likely to satisfy or inspire.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Well the dog days of summer are here! I have read another book. I bought it yesterday and finished it at midight. Needless to say I am tired to day. Too many late nights.

I bought Janet Dailey's new one: Something More. I really enjoyed it.


Thursday, July 5, 2007

July's reads

Well July is off to a smashing start! I have read two novels so far both by Fern Michaels and I have to say I love her books!

Book 1: Hey, Good Looking - finished July 4th

From the publisher:
Darby Lane and Russell Gunn had been inseparable friends from their early years in the Horseshoe, their wonderful Baton Rouge neighborhood of Southern comforts and childhood fancies, all the way through to graduate-school dreams and beyond. Then the unthinkable happens: a tragic accident takes Russ''s life, and Darby''s world is shattered. Returning to the Horseshoe in utter despair, Darby clings to the only family she''s ever known: the three wily and colorful aunts who raised her. align="left"> Her long journey to healing takes hold as Darby begins to see Russ''s brother Ben through new eyes. Suddenly love blooms in the place of grief, and now, with the help of her aunts, Darby faces the challenge of reuniting Ben with his estranged father -- if they can get through the conniving schemes of Ben''s social climber stepmother. Calling on the same tender care and patience with which she builds custom dollhouses, Darby begins to create a new life out of her loss -- and comes to understand that love truly can conquer anything.

Book 2; Fool Me Once - finished July 1st

From the publisher:

Olivia Lowell always believed her father's claim that her mother died in childbirth, until the shocking day a lawyer informs her that her mother has just passed away, leaving her a fortune. The money comes with a caveat--and a confession. In her will, Olivia's mother reveals that she and two college friends committed a crime years ago, and now she wants Olivia to track down her accomplices and convince them to come clean. Fulfilling her mother's request won't be easy--nor will mending the rift between her and her father. But with a handsome young lawyer's help, Olivia will come to understand who her mother really was, and who she, too, was meant to be...