Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ten books read during Novembre and Decembre

Well I did manage to do a bunch of reading when I was away for training for 6 weeks in Windsor. Alot of them had 3 stories in them as well.

1. Snowy Night with A Stranger
by Jane Feather, Sabrina Jefferies, etc

2. It Happened One Night
by Stephanie Lauren, Mary Baloch, etc

3. I'm Your Santa
by Lori Foster, Dianne Castell, etc

4. A Cedar Cove Christmas
by Debbie Macomber

5. Those Christmas Angels
by Debbie Macomber

6. Where Angels Go
by Debbie Macomber

7. This Christmas
by Jane Green, Jennifer Coburn, Liz Ireland, etc

8. The Pagan Stone the final in the trilogy. Loved it!!!
by Nora Roberts

9. Jingle Bell Rock
by Janelle Denison, Susan Donovan, etc

10. Silver Bells
by Fern Michaels, Jo Anne Ross, Mary Burton, and Judy Dyarte

Not sure if I will get anymore reading done this year. Its a far cry from last year but then again I was working full time this year and wasn't working last year. The good part is I have book shelves full of books to read and reread any time. But I do have those favourite authors that I just "have" to buy.

Will start a thread for 2009 later.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Finished the latest Debbie Macomber

I just finished the latest Cedar Cove book and today the Christmas one comes out! Yeah me! I am going to see if its here in Canada and I might just get it.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Books 19 and 20 for this year

Boy my reading is way down from last year. But then I am working 44 hour weeks so reading is taking a back seat along with my knitting.

I have re-read two books from last year as I wait to get Maggie Sefton's new books in. The ones that I re-read are Knit One, Kill Two and needled to Death. Loved them both and will read the next two that I have.

I guess her latest came out in June of 2008 but I haven't found it in stores. Bummer! Will probablly have to order it online. Its called Dyer Consequences and heres abit about it:

About the book:
Description: Kelly Flynn is eager to renovate the alpaca ranch she's just bought, but someone else has different ideas for keeping her busy, in the latest installment in the Knitting Mystery series.

The other one that's coming out on Sept 30, 2008 is: Fleece Navidad and heres a little bit about it as well:

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for the knitters of Fort Connor, Colorado, who are furiously working on their holiday projects. Juliet, the town’s “little brown wren” librarian, is known for her beautiful handmade Christmas capes, and she has extra reason to be joyful this year—she’s in love. But as soon as she finds happiness, death finds her.

Suspicion falls on a newcomer to the knitting group, but Kelly Flynn and the rest of the crew aren’t convinced of this person’s guilt. It’s up to them to separate the true lion from the lambs— before someone else gets fleeced…

I am know where near what I read last year which was 54 books. With kids, work and commitments its a wonder I can get any reading done at all. But I have bought two new books and will start them asap as well. Debbie Macomber 8 Sandpiper Lane of the Cedar Cove series and The Friday Night Knit Club by Kate Jacob. Looks really interesting and I have waited a year to read that one.

Well off to read!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Its been awhile

Well its been awhile since I have posted here but I have read 7 more books since my last post in July.

Sorry if any are repeats but I will correct it later. They are in no particular order of having been read.

Susan Wiggs - Summer by the Sea

Jennifer Chiaverini - The Quilter's Legacy (book 5 finish 09/13/08

Sandra Brown - Chill Factor

Sophie Kinsella - Remember Me?

Danielle Steel - Rogue

Nora Roberts - Tribute

Susan Grafton - R is for Ricochet

I will give more of an indepth account of each.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fearless Fourteen Book 12

Well I managed to read and finish this one this afternoon (after weeding a flower bed). I liked it. Wish I knew who she was going to choose! Ranger or Morelli? hmmmmm..

From Janet Evanovich's website ( here is the little diddy about the book:

Personal vendettas, hidden treasure, and a monkey named Carl will send bounty hunter Stephanie Plum on her most explosive adventure yet.

The Crime:
Armed robbery to the tune of nine million dollars

Dom Rizzi robbed a bank, stashed the money and did the time. His family couldn't be more proud. He always was the smart one.

The Cousin:
Joe Morelli

Joe Morelli, Dom Rizzi and Dom's sister Loretta are cousins. Morelli is a cop, Rizzi robs banks, and Loretta is a single mother waiting tables at the firehouse. The all American family.

The Complications:
Murder, kidnapping, destruction of personal property, and acid reflux

Less than a week after Dom's release from prison, Joe Morelli has shadowy figures breaking into his house and dying in his basement. He's getting threatening messages, Loretta is kidnapped, and Dom is missing.

The Catastrophe:

Morelli hires Walter "Mooner" Dunphy, stoner and "inventor" turned crime-fighter to protect his house. Morelli can't afford a lot on a cop's salary, and Mooner will work for potatoes.

The Cupcake:
Stephanie Plum

Stephanie and Morelli have a long-standing relationship that involves sex, affection and driving each other nuts. She's a bond enforcement agent with more luck than talent, and she's involved in this bank-robbery-gone-bad disaster from day one.

The Crisis:
A favor for Ranger

Security expert Carlos Manoso, street name Ranger, has a job for Stephanie that will involve night-work. Morelli has his own ideas regarding Stephanie's evening activities.

The Conclusion:
Only the fearless should read fourteen

Thrills, chills and possible incontinence may result.

Book 11 Return to Summerhouse

I started and finished RETRUN TO SUMMERHOUSE yesterday. I could not put it down and I hope that there will be a third installment in this series. Keeping my fingers crossed!

About the book by the Publisher:

Magic most definitely resides in the Maine summerhouse where the mysterious Madame Zoya has granted the innermost wishes of its visitors. Now, three women have come to this special place with one thing in common: a painful past they would each like to rewrite. Amy, who hides a heartbreaking loss behind her seemingly perfect marriage and family...Faith, a widow in her thirties whose deepest grief is for a man from years ago...and Zoƫ, an artist shunned by her hometown for reasons she doesn't know, after a traumatic night erased her memory. With their mystical powers, Madame Zoya and her sister Primrose are about to transport the trio to eighteenth-century England to alter Amy's ancestry. But although surprises await each of them, will stepping back in time bring the women the happy endings they seek?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

started book 11

I am now reading Return to Summerhouse by Jude Deveraux and I also have the new Janet Evanovich too! Fearless Fourteen will be my next read!

Books 9 and 10

I've been doing some reading this past week and have really enjoyed the books. One is by one of my favourite authors Fern Michaels.

Its book 10 in her sister series and this one is just as good as any of the others. Its called FAST TRACK.

Here is alittle ditty about the book:

When You Need The Best, You Need The Sisterhood…
It’s been years since the members of the Sisterhood first banded together, with the help of their mentor Charles Martin, to exact their own form of justice on those whose crimes had gone unpunished by the legal system. Now, back in the United States after an enforced exile, and ensconced in a new home on Big Pine Mountain in North Carolina, Myra, Kathryn, Annie, Alexis, Isabelle, Yoko, and Nikki are breathing easy at last—but not for long. One dark night, under cover of a vicious storm, a helicopter lands on their mountain. The Sisters aren’t about to wait to be ambushed. Braving the storm, they set out to greet their guests, only to be told by Charles that the mysterious visitors are the Sisterhood’s new employers, and they’ve got a dangerous new assignment in mind. The task they face is daunting. If they succeed, the Sisterhood will be rewarded beyond their wildest dreams. If they fail, they’ll forfeit much more than a paycheck. But if the Ladies of Pinewood have learned one thing over the course of their adventures, it’s that when friends band together, miracles can happen…

Book 10 that I read is by Jude Devereaux and its called THE SUMMERHOUSE. I liked it and am now reading the next book.

Here is what a description of the book by

What if a woman could go back to the beginning and rethink her choices for love and life? When Leslie Headrick, Madison Appleby, and Ellie Abbott first met, they were in their early 20s and the world lay before them with its infinite possibilities. Now that they're about to turn 40, they reunite for a weekend at a summerhouse in Maine where they share the details of their lives during the past 20 years. Each woman has serious doubts and questions about the path she chose to follow, but none of them suspect the startling opportunity they're about to be offered to relive those choices and change their futures.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

book 8 - The Quilter's Apprentice by Jennifer Chiaverini

A friend of mine lent me this book and I really enjoyed it. She owns a new quilting shop called "The Quilt Shoppe" and is caring this series. They sounded interesting so she lent me her first book. Now I am not a big sewer but I really liked the book and am looking forward to reading the next 8 in the series. There is also, 2 quilting pattern books in the series as well.

From the Publisher -

From debut novelist Jennifer Chiaverini comes The Quilter''s Apprentice, a delightful, timeless story of loyalty and friendship.

When Sarah McClure and her husband, Matt, move to the small town of Waterford, Pennsylvania, to get a fresh start, Sarah struggles to find a fulfilling job. Disheartened by failed interviews, she reluctantly accepts a temporary position at Elm Creek Manor helping seventy-five-year-old Sylvia Compson prepare her family estate for sale after the recent death of Sylvia''s estranged sister. As part of her compensation, Sarah is taught how to quilt by this reclusive, cantankerous master quilter.

During their lessons, Mrs. Compson slowly opens up to Sarah, sharing powerful, devastating stories of her life as a young woman on the World War II home front. Hearing tales of how Mrs. Compson''s family was torn apart by tragedy, jealousy, and betrayal, Sarah is forced to confront uncomfortable truths about her own family -- truths that she has denied for far too long. As the friendship between the two women deepens, Mrs. Compson confides that although she would love to remain at her beloved family estate, Elm Creek Manor exists as a constant, unbearable reminder of her role in her family''s misfortune. For Sarah, there can be no greater reward than teaching Mrs. Compson to forgive herself for her past mistakes, restoring life and joy to her cherished home.

Heartfelt and inspiring, The Quilter''s Apprentice teaches deep lessons about family, friendship, and sisterhood -- and about creating a life as you would a quilt: with time, love, and patience, piecing the miscellaneous and mismatched scraps into a harmonious, beautiful whole.

7th book of 2008 Hokus Pokus by Fern Michaels

I finished this book last weekend up at the farm. It is part of the Sisterhood series and I loved it.

From the Pubisher -

In the ninth novel of Michaels' "New York Times" bestselling Sisterhood series, the seven ladies come out of exile and risk everything to help a Supreme Court justice who faces blackmail for her own illegal brand of justice.

Monday, April 21, 2008

6th book read for 2008

I just finished S is for Silence by Susan Grafton. I really enjoyed it. It kept me guessing who dunnit. I have to say I have almost the whole series and this is the 3rd book that I have read in the series. Thank goodness I don'thave to read them in order.

From Publishers Weekly

Kinsey Millhone has kept her appeal by being distinctive and sympathetic without craving center stage. While some mysteries that provide the PI's shoe size or most despised food create a forced and intrusive intimacy, a master like Grafton makes the relationship relaxed and reassuring. Millhone's life is modest and familiar, though her love life, now featuring police detective Cheney Phillips, tends to be oddly remote. This 19th entry (after 2004's R Is for Ricochet) adopts a new convention: Millhone's customary intelligent and occasionally self-deprecating first-person reportage is interrupted by vignettes from the days surrounding the Fourth of July, 34 years earlier, when a hot-blooded young woman named Violet Sullivan disappeared. Violet's daughter, Daisy, who was seven at the time, hires Millhone to discover her mother's true fate. Violet had toyed with every man in town at one time or another, so there's no shortage of scandalous secrets and possible suspects. Constant revelations concerning several absorbing characters allow a terrific tension to build. However, the utterly illogical and oddly abrupt ending undermines what is otherwise one of the stronger offerings in this iconic series

Monday, March 31, 2008

Forgot to post!

I read the newest book from Janet Evanovich Plum Lucky and thought it was funny. Typical Stephanie Plum! Not much of Ranger or Morelli in this one.

Looking forward to her new one - Fearless Fourteen

From Publishers Weekly
In bestseller Evanovich's breezy third holiday novella (after Plum Lovin'), Stephanie Plum's kooky Grandma Mazur finds a duffle full of money on the street and hightails it to Atlantic City. When Stephanie learns that the money was stolen from Delvina, a notorious Trenton mobster, she and her friend Lula head off in pursuit. In Atlantic City, the Jersey bounty hunter discovers she's not the only one after Grandma after meeting Snuggy, an ex-jockey who originally stole the money and is convinced he's a leprechaun. With her on-again off-again boyfriend Morelli tied up with a murder case and the sexy Ranger otherwise occupied, Stephanie turns to the mysterious Diesel for help. As she tries to keep Grandma safe and fend off the advances of Diesel amid the slot machines and craps tables, Stephanie realizes she may be in over her head. With her trademark wit, cast of eccentric side characters and hilariously absurd plot twists, Evanovich treats her fans to a delightful miniadventure sure to whet their appetites for the next full-length Plum escapade.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Book 3 & 4 read for 2008

Both of these books are by Susan Wiggs. I read Summer at Willow Lake (The Lakeshore Chronicles) and then the follow up book called Dockside The Lakeshore Chronicles. Its interesting as I had read the actual book 3 and 4 first so I kinda new what would happen but not all the drama.

Really good writing and I look forward to here other books. I know I have read the story of Jenny and Rourke but not sure if the book was from the library or if I have it. Must look for it!

Here is what had to say about Summer at Willow Lake:

From the Publisher
Real estate expert Olivia Bellamy reluctantly trades a trendy Manhattan summer for her family''s old resort camp in the Catskills, where her primary task will be renovating the bungalow colongy for her grandparents, who want one last summer together filled with fun, friends and family. A posh resort in its heyday, the camp is now in disarray and Olivia is forced to hire contractor Connor Davis — a still-smoldering flame from her own summers at campBut as the days grow warm, not even the inviting …+ read more
Real estate expert Olivia Bellamy reluctantly trades a trendy Manhattan summer for her family''s old resort camp in the Catskills, where her primary task will be renovating the bungalow colongy for her grandparents, who want one last summer together filled with fun, friends and family. A posh resort in its heyday, the camp is now in disarray and Olivia is forced to hire contractor Connor Davis — a still-smoldering flame from her own summers at camp
But as the days grow warm, not even the inviting blue waters of Willow Lake can cool the passions flaring or keep shocking secrets at bay. The nostalgic joy of summers past breathes new promise into a special place and people…a promise meant to last long after the season ends.

Here is what had to say about Dockside:

From the Publisher
With her daughter grown and flown, Nina Romano is ready to embark on a new adventure. She''s waited a long time for dating, travel and chasing dreams. But just as she''s beginning to enjoy being on her own, she finds herself falling for Greg Bellamy, owner of the charming Inn at Willow Lake and a single father with two kids of his own.Greg lost his first marriage to a demanding career. Now he''s determined to make a new start before it''s too late. Juggling work, raising his young son and …+ read more
With her daughter grown and flown, Nina Romano is ready to embark on a new adventure. She''s waited a long time for dating, travel and chasing dreams. But just as she''s beginning to enjoy being on her own, she finds herself falling for Greg Bellamy, owner of the charming Inn at Willow Lake and a single father with two kids of his own.

Greg lost his first marriage to a demanding career. Now he''s determined to make a new start before it''s too late. Juggling work, raising his young son and helping his nearly grown daughter face life''s ultimate challenge, he has no time to fall in love. Still, with Nina Romano, love feels just right this time around.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

We interrupt this birthday....

Well Happy Birthday to me! Nothing is going right for this one. First with my sons femur getting broke at school, then I get a nasty head cold and of course it wouldn't be March 8 with out a snow storm (aka blizzard). I am so use to it that I have decided to reschedule my birthday for a different day. Hell! Maybe I will just legally change it to a month that doesn't get snow. hehe

I have been doing some knitting not alot as the tendinitous flares up. But my Project of the Month group is doing the Celtic Cable Scarf. Oh my gosh! Its turning out really nice. I love it!

Also on the needles is a black foo foo scarf for a craft show this fall/winter.

Any... its now March Break and I am sooooo glad that I was off yesterday as the headcold made a major invasion of my head. Took a night time sinus tablet and went back to sleep. Felt alittle better in the afternoon.

Well will post pictures and more later.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

2nd book of 2008

I just finished this one today and its called Snowfall at Willow Lake - The Lakeshore Chronicles by Susan Wiggs. I have read another book in this series and enjoyed it and this one is just as good. There are two other ones that I want to get to complete the set.

Here is what had to say about it:

Book Description
Can a single moment change your entire life?
International lawyer Sophie Bellamy has dedicated her life to helping people in war-torn countries. But when she survives a hostage situation, she remembers what matters most—the children she loves back home. Haunted by regrets, she returns to the idyllic Catskills village of Avalon on the shores of Willow Lake, determined to repair the bonds with her family.

There Sophie discovers the surprising rewards of small-town life—including an unexpected passion for Noah Shepherd, the local veterinarian. Noah has a healing touch for anything with four legs, but he's never had any luck with women—until Sophie.

Snowfall at Willow Lake speaks from the heart about all the loves that fill a woman's life, and all the ways that love is tested and made to grow. It's the story of what comes after a woman survives an unspeakable horror and finds her way home, to healing and redemption and a new chance at happiness.

1st book of 2008

Well I can finally post that I finished a book for 2008! Its called Capture the Rainbow by Iris Johansen. I really enjoyed it.

From here is an editorial review of the book:

Book Description
From #1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen comes a classic tale of excitement, risk, and romance, as two people make a connection so unexpected and so intimate, it may have consequences for a lifetime.

Gorgeous Hollywood stunt double Kendra Michaels is vying for the job of her life—a high-paying, high-risk jump that will clear the debt on her brother’s medical bills. Casey Michaels was a stuntman himself until a job went tragically wrong. Now Kendra is prepared to take the same chance. There’s just one man standing in her way, a man whose irresistible magnetism seduced her in ways she’d never experienced—and never before surrendered to....

Director Joel Damon gets what he wants. And he wants Kendra. But the explosive attraction he feels at the mere sight of her is entirely new to him, and it hasn’t disappeared, not since their one unforgettable night together—and not since Joel discovered she wasn’t the experienced starlet he’d mistaken her for. Now he’s determined to extend that night into many more. But he’ll have to keep Kendra alive to do it, even if it ruins her career. For he has bigger plans in mind for her than she ever imagined.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Finally Winter is Here!

Well within the last 12 hours we have had everything! Snow, sleet, freezing rain, more snow and sleet and freezing rain and now a major winter storm. The roads sucked coming home but I took it slow and easy.

Wow just looked out the window and since I got home around 5:30 there's alot of snow on my car and on the roads. Hubby went into town with the truck to get something. I would of waited till tomorrow.

Thank goodness I am off tomorrow. Bummer! NO SNOW DAY!!

Off to knit.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year

Well I haven't read anything new yet, unless you count my magazines I have but I hope to read another 50 books this year. That's 4 per month. Hmmmmmm I just might be able to do it or I will play catch up in the summer.

I will post to here till I get another one set up for 2008.

Here's to another great year!