Saturday, March 8, 2008

We interrupt this birthday....

Well Happy Birthday to me! Nothing is going right for this one. First with my sons femur getting broke at school, then I get a nasty head cold and of course it wouldn't be March 8 with out a snow storm (aka blizzard). I am so use to it that I have decided to reschedule my birthday for a different day. Hell! Maybe I will just legally change it to a month that doesn't get snow. hehe

I have been doing some knitting not alot as the tendinitous flares up. But my Project of the Month group is doing the Celtic Cable Scarf. Oh my gosh! Its turning out really nice. I love it!

Also on the needles is a black foo foo scarf for a craft show this fall/winter.

Any... its now March Break and I am sooooo glad that I was off yesterday as the headcold made a major invasion of my head. Took a night time sinus tablet and went back to sleep. Felt alittle better in the afternoon.

Well will post pictures and more later.

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